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Reading: Metadiscourse: Mapping Interactions in Academic Writing


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Metadiscourse: Mapping Interactions in Academic Writing


Ken Hyland

University of London, GB
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Metadiscourse in the argument presented here is based on a view of communication as social engagement and in academic contexts reveals the ways writers project themselves into their discourse to signal their understandings of their material and their audience. In this paper I explore how advanced second language writers deploy these resources in a corpus of 240 doctoral and masters dissertations totalling four million words. The analysis suggests that writers use language to offer a credible representation of themselves and their work in different fields, and thus how metadiscourse can be seen as a means of uncovering something of the rhetorical and social distinctiveness of disciplinary communities.

How to Cite: Hyland, K., 2010. Metadiscourse: Mapping Interactions in Academic Writing. Nordic Journal of English Studies, 9(2), pp.125–143. DOI:
Published on 04 May 2010.


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